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Project Description
A flexible library aiming to help Windows Phone developers to have neat and native looking tiles for their apps and/or in their apps.
You'll be able to generated tiles with counters that look like the original (Messages, Mails) ones, and more.
Developed in C#.

How-to use the library ?

- Learn how to use the library by taking a look to the Sample application available in the Source Code.
- Download the compiled binary of the library in the Downloads sections.
- Also available on NuGet :

Perfect integration

  • Generate tiles that integrate perfectly in the Windows Phone start screen, with count or specific text.
  • Customize the tile content and apparence with XAML code to enrich it and fit your needs.
  • Display and use tiles in your application.


This library is licensed under the MS-PL. Feature requests and patches are welcomed.
If you use this library, please display a credit in your app's about page.

Ree7 ?

More from me : - @pleasereset

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